Make your body the sexiest outfit you own

Written for The Health ‘n Hockey Community
By Thomas Hureau


I read a banner the other day that said “make your body the sexiest outfit you own”.

Too often I see people pulled in two very different directions when it comes to their body.  Young females boggle me the most in this aspect because of the constant societal criticism they find themselves under.  They will paint their nails, spend obscene amounts of money on their hair but would die before getting a sweat on at the gym.

It’s analogous to gassing up the car but slashing the tires: How do you expect to get anywhere?  Get your hair done, paint your nails, but pump some iron and sweat a little tooYour body will love you for it

Almost every first conversation I have with a female in their first consultation…
Me:  “So, tell me about your goal.  What motivated you to get out of your comfort zone and get a gym membership?”
Female Member:  “Well, I want to tone-up”.
Me:  “Uh-hunh, I see… so, what does that mean to you?”
FM: “Well, I guess I want to tone-up my muscles”
Me:  “Ok, so you’d like to start resistance training?”
FM:  “Oh, no… I don’t want to get bulky!”
Me:  *inner monologue face-palm*

It’s the funniest thing to watch a young couple go to the gym; they come in together, they go change, they meet each other at the top of the stairs, then predictably she goes to the treadmills while texting a friend and he does bicep curls while trying not to sweat on his bedazzled Ed Hardy hat.  There’s nothing wrong with either but why the exclusivity?

Why is it that -“some”, not “all”- women worry about being BULKY from resistance training?  My theory is because they see some young woman with a slim body doing weak-weight tricep kickbacks on a bench and think “I should be doing that”.  In reality, that slim, young woman looks the way she looks, not BECAUSE of what she does but IN SPITE of what she does! Just like Jacki mentioned in her previous post… you can get away with a lot when you’re barely 20.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not just women.  I’ve had plenty of guys tell me they don’t want to get “too big”.  The comment is almost laughable.  There’s a common misconception that deformed professional bodybuilders earn ridiculously developed physiques because they lift weights. Period. End of story.  Moral is:  don’t lift weights unless you want to look like a monster.  On the flip-side of that coin, most young men want to be monsters!  When I was young I tried to build as much muscle as I could, yet no matter how much resistance training I did, I couldn’t get to that level.  Why?  ‘Cause I don’t have the bought and paid for “magic potion” flowing through my veins.  With respect, the pros are pros for a reason and they make the sacrifices in order to be where they are and deserve respect for their discipline… but it’s important to recognize the amount of work has gone into that discipline. 

The REAL moral of the story is to strive to build as much muscle as possible and lose as much fat as possible, whichever one takes precedence. 

Here’s an amazing and inspiring article when you get a chance:

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