Once again, a new year is upon us

As usual, most of us reflect on the last year and what we wish went better.

What would I do to improve? The famous and infamous resolutions.

The gym will be filled up for four to six weeks. The weight control centres are filled up with those wanting to lose some Christmas cheer. The financial advisors have filled their calendars with clients who want to change their economic outlook. And, businesses is reloading for another year of running for the golden ring.

For what?

Because most of us have an ideal outcome we want to achieve. We want to redevelop the athleticism of our youth. We want to get back into our "skinny" jeans. Financially, we want to meet up to the future we once dreamed of. And, we want this year to be the best for our future career.

I asked one of our trainers how long it takes for the gym to clear out to normal levels and he told me about six weeks. By then, the exuberance of the goal has faded. Having been on diets in the past, that was about right for the diet to return to it's prior year of late night snacks. By spring, unless you have implemented auto deductions, the financial diet is no different - the short term emergency overtakes the money we were going to save and it is gone. And of course, the drudgery of the day-to-day makes the business goals become lost in tedium.

So how then, do we change that? How do we make these ideals last?

I can only think of one way. That is a constant ‘New Year attitude’. Evaluate and re-evaluate weekly and daily. Change that is dramatic and life changing, is not a one-time decision then all is good.
It is a lifetime of decisions.

A daily dose of deciding the most important over the most urgent.

And then again tomorrow. And the day after. And if things go awry, getting back into the game and saying the next time I have a choice, I’ll make the right one.

So, too easy? You are right. It is much easier said than done. But at the end of the day, what else is there to do but to try on a daily basis to be the best you can be?

And stop beating yourself up for a slip.

At the end of it all, if you try daily to get  better, fitter, healthier, and financially more solid, you may not get the bulls eye every time, but you'll probably hit the target most of the time.

And at the very least, that is better than giving up and missing altogether!

bulls eye

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