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Written for The Health ‘n Hockey Community
By Dr. Michael Hoiles

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My name is Dr. Michael Hoiles. I am a Chiropractor and I practice in a multidisciplinary sports therapy clinic with other Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Pilates Instructors, Acupuncturists, and Sports Medicine Doctors.  I treat people from all ranges of health and fitness levels. My real passion is not to treat injuries but help people take control of their own health. I do not pretend to be able to cure all health problems. I work together with my team of practitioners and with my patients to develop individualized treatment and health care plans. I personally use a biomechanically focused approach to treat and prevent injuries but also to optimize ability and performance.

My childhood involved a heavy influence of being health conscious. One of my sisters developed Type I or Juvenile Diabetes at the age of three. I was not around to recall the first few years of the disease but my parents say that it was absolutely heartbreaking to see a child have to manage all of the physical and emotional constraints of being “different” from the other kids. Diabetes was not my sister’s choice, but she had no choice but to accommodate for it as she got older. There were many times where she stumbled along the way and didn’t control her blood sugars which resulted in diabetic seizures and numerous hospital visits. Through years of trial and error she has learned how to balance her eating, sleeping, exercise, and stress levels to maximize how her body functions.

Seeing this constant battle with health that my sister grew up with helps and motivates me on a regular basis to assist people take their health seriously. It’s not fair to see someone have to fight so hard to achieve stability when other people are ruining their health with bad choices like sedentary activities, terrible food choices, and overstressed schedules to name a few.

People can be their own best medicine or their own worst enemy when it comes to health.

There have been countless times when a patient comes into my office with an injury or a complaint and expects me to do all the work. Let’s say the patient has knee pain while running. This patient will get treated a few times with chiropractic therapy and some rehabilitation exercises, the injury will go away, and then I don’t see him until the same injury comes back 3-6 months later. A couple weeks of treatment go by. Again, the injury goes away and the patient disappears for another 6 months.

This carousel is frustrating for the patient and for me. It could continue on and on but it does not have to be this way. The usual reason for this cycle to perpetuate is that the patient is solely relying on an external force and not doing the necessary work to care for his own body. He came for the treatment, yes, but he likely did not continue with the proper rehab exercises he was given. Also, he likely did not change the activity which caused the injury in the first place (which in this case could have been running in flat shoes or not rolling/stretching properly). Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results makes anyone insane, myself included.

As a chiropractor the best part of my job is witnessing someone make the necessary changes and seeing how the dynamic changes from working for the patient to working with the patient.

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