That old dog can teach you some new tricks

Sometimes a blog / forum takes off in many different directions and one wonders what is going on. It happens for good reasons - each of us brings both experience and opinion on many different fronts. 
With the advent of social media, it is now possible to have a voice that is heard. Is it always relevant?
I guess that depends on the audience. But to that end, a blog is an opportunity to provoke dialogue, explore topics, and share experiences. We want to accomplish all of that so we'll begin a series of rotating blogs.
Topics will focus on leadership, real estate, family, sports and fitness, sales success, and Calgary. We hope you enjoy the topics, and that they illicit conversation.
Leadership lesson - Listen to those with more experience
Two years ago, I suffered a torn meniscus in my knee. After almost a full year of 24-hour a day pain, I had surgery. Unbelievably, the first day after surgery the relief of the constant pain was so dramatic, that I went against the surgeon's instructions and did not take the prescribed dose of painkillers. Needless to say, that night was worse than pre-surgery. 
What lesson did I learn? Even though you can't always see what is coming, good or bad, listen closely to those with more experience than you. 
When you are entering into unknown territory, it is sometimes difficult to know what is next. 
Why do you think sports teams have a number of coaches, even at the highest professional levels? Why do the most successful people in business so often mention their own mentors? 
If you want to find that success, get a coach or mentor, or partner with someone who has more experience in where you are headed, and who you are willing to listen to, so that you can find success.
You can avoid some of the most common pitfalls, and focus on the important things in the journey!
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