Well, it's time to jump off the band wagon

The Flames are now 1 win and 5 losses for a grand total of two points. All those people who jumped on only when the playoffs began last year are already looking for their chance to leap back off.

So goes professional sports. Get off to a great start and the fans love you.
Get off to a slow start and, well....

The sad part is if this stretch had hit in December of last year no one would have worried. (Oh yeah it did hit then too)
Listen it is not pleasant to start slow but it doesn’t mean a lot.

Ask Anaheim who have 5 goals in 5 games and that includes 4 in the last one alone, meaning they scored 1 goal in their first 4 games!

Or LA who have 6 goals in 5 games.

Bad stretches hit every team. At one time this year, the Blue Jays had a losing record and look at them now!

The key is to find the bonds to bring the team together and see them play the way they are capable of playing.
Their much esteemed blue liners need to step up their play. Few experts would think that they can't. They need a few of their injured players to return (i.e. Colbourne, Brodie and Bennett).

And they need to get better goaltending - perhaps we will soon see Ortio in action.

But don't panic fans. It is still early. Last year they lost 8 straight in December and the band wagon jumpers left. It lightened the load for the real fans and they took off shortly after that.

Stick with them #Flames fans. This is still a team with great talent and heart.



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