When you are in your early twenties

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When you are in your early twenties, it seems like you can do what you want in terms of taking care of yourself. 

You have money to spare (those big, long-term spending items like homes, kids, and retirement, are out on the horizon). 

Your friends ask you to join them for some shinny hockey Monday after you just finished a weekend tournament and you say yes without a second thought. Why wouldn't you? After all you didn't get injured playing the tournament and you still feel fine.

And of course, words like leftovers and diet aren't even part of your vocabulary. Get up in the morning and pick up a gnarly breakfast sandwich and coffee on the way to work. After all, the tournament was long. Grab a specialty latte for coffee break and stop at a fast-food chain for lunch with the gang. Skip dinner as you would hate to cook at home, but grab a pound of wings, a pint of beer and fries with your friends after shinny. 

Ah, great to be in your early twenties. I know the routine. We lived it at the same age. 

But fast forward ten or fifteen years. I know, it is impossible to think that far ahead. But, eventually age and excess catch up with you. 

You start growing your family and suddenly the finances aren't as rosy. The years of sports start to take their toll on your body and the Monday shinny after the weekend is no longer as much fun, as the bruises and tweaks add up. 

And one day, you look in the mirror and the athletic body you thought you had is no longer there. In fact at work, your fellow employees are shocked when you tell them you are joining the company's Corporate Challenge team. They cannot imagine you being athletic.

I know this because I have been on both sides of that coin. I went from being very athletic to being out of shape and more than 200 pounds (on a frame of less than six foot that is not good).  

And I stood at the same crossroads many face in their 30's and 40's. Continue down this well-travelled path until you retire, out of shape and in poor health, wondering what happened. 

Or, (sigh...gasp) change!

1- Adjust your diet accordingly, choosing healthier options and eating at home where you can control the ingredients. (Your wallet will also thank you, by the way.) 

2 - Develop a disciplined fitness regimen to regain some of your athletic ability. Regain strength, stamina, and increase your metabolism. 

I waited until I was in my forties to realize I was at this crossroad. It actually took a family member’s death and him making me promise not to choose the same path he did, of letting it slip away.

To that end, and of course with the strong encouragement of my great wife and partner Jacki, we chose a healthier lifestyle a while back. We lost weight, grew stronger and fitter, and feel much better.

Now, instead of people questioning our athletic history, they question whether we were ever in that bad of shape.

This is not as easy as it sounds. But we made a commitment to live for a better future and to be happier in it. 

To that end, we have a renewed passion for sport, fitness, and overall wellness. We believe you have to take a holistic view of your life to live healthy. That is not to say we believe in no indulgence. I love a great burger or pizza. But, it does mean being aware and making the better choice more often than not.

And we have surrounded ourselves with a community of experts and great people who also believe in sport, fitness, and living life to the fullest. 

These experts have come together to help us create The Health 'n Hockey Community. Like minded individuals who bring expertise, attitude, and passion. 

Regularly, these great people will provide blogs in their areas of expertise, which can help you get better. We plan on having events to bring them together, with others who are interested in learning more about hockey, and about health and wellness to better improve our lives and yours. 

We hope you will join us on this journey of adventure and stay tuned for some great blog contributions from our upcoming guests!

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