You're a rookie? Yes, I'll use you!

One of the most asked questions (or challenges depending on your perspective) new people in any industry face is, "You're brand new, how much experience do you have?"  Quickly followed by "We think we need someone with experience who will give us the best customer service."

Like others starting in an industry new to them, we have run into this. We met with a couple whose previous experience in the industry has been less than stellar. They were looking for an exceptional customer service experience. We did our best to explain we would take care of them, along with the aid of our broker.

As with a new person in any industry, or those looking for a new job, etc., the common challenge seems to be, "we are looking for a bit more experience to get us the best. 

The ironic thing is that in reality, it is often the newest and freshest faces that provide that stellar experience people are missing. I have changed industries a few times in 20+ years of working with people. Often, in building the best customer service and sales teams, I have bucked the system by bringing in those who have no experience. And, have found success. Why?

Ever call up a big corporation expecting the drone on the other side to give you the worst experience? You know you have. We all have. And unfortunately, a lot of them deliver.

It’s refreshing to be pleasantly surprised when the excited voice on the other end says, "Just to let you know I am new, so I have to ask for your patience”, and then you receive a pleasant shock of great service. 

New people bring excitement and a fresh energy that exudes into their delivery. If you are looking for stellar personalized service, try the new kids on the block. They may make small mistakes of inexperience but in the end, they have no one but you to provide the best in service. We have all made mistakes, or been on the receiving end of them, but excellence in customer service doesn’t lie in making no mistakes. Excellence lies in how we own and correct our mistakes.

Listen; if you were looking for the best and latest in medical assistance, it would make sense to go to those who are the most up to date in terms of cures. If you were looking for the best in the IT world, it would be natural to go to those with the education in the newest technology.

Yet when dealing with sales people we shy away from that direction. That has never made sense to me.

Combine the positive energy that newness brings with the most current ideas in education, the latest in trends people are looking for, and time on their hands. Whether that is buying a new vehicle, another home, or any other industry where the relationship is a key to success.

If you are looking for a solid experience that will not surprise you for the good or bad, maybe the best choice is the person with years of knowledge in the business you are dealing with. Tenure often brings a slicker presentation and a smooth process.

But if you are truly tired of tired customer service, if you haven't had great experiences in the past, and you mean it when you tell your friends that you wish someone would bring back service, then maybe it’s time to give that new person a chance!  You may just receive a winning combination of the stellar service experience you have been asking for, along with the enthusiasm to build a long-term relationship, and genuine concern to do a great job!

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