Market Update - Feb 2019

Numbers certainly tell a ‘truth’. When the government looks at numbers, they do so in a macro perspective; the big picture. And in a sense, they have to. But to the individual, the micro number is more important. "How am I doing?"

Yes, the numbers for February are not robust.

But, what does that mean?

It looks like the condo market is finally settling into a market that is flatter.

It means that buyers have more selection across the board.

It means that people can perhaps take a bit more time for due diligence before making a decision on such a large investment.

It just means that people have to be realistic in expectations when selling.

But, good properties that are well presented and competitively priced, still sell. And they sell quickly compared to those that are not as competitive.

Will everyone hit a home run when selling? No.

But a base hit that gets you to your next goal is okay too.


TLCagents, Market Update February 2019

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