Should You Sell Now, or In the Spring?

Your motivation for selling will determine when you should sell !

Most often, people are confused and misled in thinking that Spring is the best time to sell. Maybe, or maybe not !

A great deal depends on the local economy. What is happening to your local economy? Are companies closing down? Is there decreased job security? What about the interest rates or the price range of your home? Each of these play a big part in the local real estate market.

Listing before Spring can be rewarding. Generally, most people wait until spring to put their houses on the real estate market. This creates increased competition depending on the price range. When there is limited competition, you will certainly get more money for your home. Having said that, there are also fewer buyers in the fall and winter market. However, if they need a home and yours is the house that suits their needs, they will pay top dollar for your home.

A seasoned Realtor will have a "feel" for your home and give you the information you need to decide whether your house will sell in the current market.

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Team Mong & Hong

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