August Life@Home...3 Ways To Take Entertaining Outdoors.

Even if you don’t have a sprawling backyard that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy entertaining outdoors.

Use these tips to upgrade your small space for outdoor entertaining:

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1) Arrange furniture the right way: The best way to maximize space is to arrange your furniture around the perimeter of the deck or patio. Think twice before placing a table in the centre, and instead give your guests plenty of room to stand or move around.

2) Add extra seating with large pillows: Get a few extra spots for guests to sit without taking up too much space by throwing in some large floor pillows. They add an extra element of coziness, plus they’re easy to add or subtract.
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3) Hang up lights: Strings of bistro lights can instantly open up a small space. Plus, that warm glow will give things a cozy vibe.

Get ready for a summer full of outdoor entertaining!

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