Former Memorial Arena lands to be redeveloped.


December 8, 2015
A request for proposal for the former Memorial Arena and Lions Park site has been awarded to Amico Properties Incorporated of Vaughan, Ontario.

Artist’s concept of new development of former Memorial Arena site

The proposal contains two buildings ranging from two to five stories. A retirement living building will have up to 120 studio, one and two bedroom units with ground floor retail uses; the luxury condominium will offer 35-50 one to three bedroom units ranging from 1300-1700 square feet in size with exterior terraces/balconies. In addition to the amenity space adjacent to the buildings, a public parkette will remain along the Dayfoot Drive frontage.

The development is based on the preferred development concept approved after public consultation in 2013.

“This is the type of development we envisioned when we carried out the GO Station Secondary Plan review,” said Mayor Rick Bonnette. “The buildings will fit in with the character of the surrounding area with the setbacks and height limits we developed through the zoning by-law. We’re looking forward to working with the team from Amico Properties to have the site development recognize the former history of the Memorial Arena site.”

The Community Outreach Plan included in the proposal outlines how the local residents, businesses and municipal agencies will be engaged in the process. Amico will conduct a preconstruction open house to discuss the project features and take steps to communicate throughout the entire process.

“The public will be able to connect with key staff from Amico Properties during the construction period to address any challenges that may arise and a media plan will outline a strategy to communicate to the broader community,” added Interim Commissioner of Community and Corporate Services Warren Harris.

The development schedule provided in the proposal anticipates project completion in October 2017, based on the assumed project start in December 2015 and clearance of conditions of sale by May 2016.

About the Town of Halton Hills

The Town of Halton Hills, with a population of approximately 60,000, consists of two urban centres, Georgetown and Acton, the Halton Hills Premier Gateway employment area, three hamlets – Glen Williams, Stewarttown and Norval – and several smaller settlements. Halton Hills has long been recognized for its natural beauty, active agricultural community, high quality of life and proximity to major centres, including Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto. The Town is ranked as one of the top small communities in Canada by a national magazine.

For further information contact:

Warren Harris,
Interim Commissioner of Community and Corporate Services Recreation & Parks Department
905-873-2601, ext. 2274

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