Hiking In Halton Hills...Enjoy The Fall Season

Enjoy trails and parks in Halton Hills this fall!

The leaves are changing colour and the air is crisp! What better way to enjoy a beautiful fall day then hiking a local trail. Halton Hills offers a range of trail experiences and places to explore. The Bruce Trail is found within the Niagara Escarpment lands and offers over 30 km of hiking trails through this protected landscape. Municipal trails provide opportunities to explore your local neighbourhood and discover nearby natural areas, parks and gardens.

Trail walking is a low-impact activity that's great for your cardiovascular health. Taking even 20 minutes a day for a brisk walk on your neighbourhood trail can offer a significant improvement in health over time. So leash up the dog, pour a thermos of hot chocolate, gear up the family and enjoy a walk in the beautiful outdoors!

Chris Walker Trail Improvements:
Over the past month, contractors have assisted the Town of Halton Hills in repairing, replacing and improving sections of the Chris Walker Trail. This includes grading of areas that were previously steep or challenging to navigate, re-building or expanding pedestrian bridges, and the addition of several elevated boardwalks. Chris Walker Trail runs northwest between Maple Avenue and Princess Anne Drive, and from Princess Anne northwest to Berton Boulevard.

Download the Halton Hills Trail map and start planning your next hike! Printed copies also available at Town facilities.

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