January Life@Home New Year Fresh Start!...4 DIY projects

With a new year comes the goal of making improvements both to ourselves and within our lives. What better way to start then by freshening things in your home? 4 DIY projects to give your home value & keep your resolutions:

Freshen up the backsplash. You can instantly alter the aesthetics of your kitchen by sprucing up your backsplash. There are lots of creative options: tile, stainless steel, glass, chalkboard, or mosaics are all lovely selections.

Brighten up the cabinets. Whether it’s your bathroom or your kitchen cabinets, adding a fresh coat of paint can make the room feel brand new while adding value to your home. This DIY project doesn’t take much time or money and gives a “pop” of colour to your room(s).  

Increase your curb appeal. Make a good first impression! Paint your front door, change the address numbers, add a unique knocker, and repair or paint the exterior trim. This is DIY that can make your home feel new again.


Give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Paint your interior for an instant upgrade and shift to your decor. Change a light coloured wall to a dark one for a big change, or simply repaint with the same colour to give the room a fresh look. Wallpaper is also a fun way to add more detail!

Start off on the right foot by improving your home’s value without over spending this year! 

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