The “Great First Impression” Home Sellers’ Checklist

Why do some homes sell quicker than others? There are many factors including price, location, time of the year, condition of the property, and buyers’ preferences. More often though, it has to do with the impression that your home leaves.

You’ve made the decision to sell your home and now your mind is quickly filling with a lengthy to-do list.  Before panic begins to set in, take heart and repeat a new mantra:  “Soap and paint are my friends.” 

Follow this checklist to help put your home ahead of the rest:

  • Pick a date to list your home on the market prior to the date that the “For Sale” sign goes up. Preparing your home for potential buyers takes time, and delays do happen.
  • Have a REALTOR® come into your home and give you advice on what upgrades would be most beneficial. Certain upgrades will give you a great return on your investment, while others won’t.
  • Your home’s first impression starts outside. Clean the exterior of your house including your siding, yard, driveway, and windows! Revamp your garden with new life and colourful flowers, and ensure that your eaves and downspouts are debris-free.
  • On the inside, concentrate first on de-cluttering. Remove excess furniture and photographs, and organize overcrowded garages, closets, and storage spaces.
  • Freshly oil all hinges and locks to prevent creaky doors or cabinets. 
  • As bathrooms and kitchens are often the most important rooms, ensure that they shine! Make sure that all of your light bulbs are working and faucets are leak free. 
  • Consider re-arranging your furniture to accommodate a more open concept that makes it easy to “flow” between rooms.
  • To those with pets, remember to empty out litter boxes daily while showing, place pet food in airtight containers, and keep kennels clean.

While the home should be neat, clean and in good repair, major improvements are not necessary and cost more than usually can be recouped in the selling price.  So, give the house a thorough cleaning, a fresh painting and perhaps re-carpet areas that have worn footpaths through them.  Rest assured that money spent on soap, paint and carpet will reappear in the selling price of the home. 

And remember, if buyers can’t see the money you spent, you won’t recoup it…even if you tell them about it.  Resist the temptation to undertake major renovations or replacements we will tackle that blog post for another day five costly projects you should avoid.

First impressions are often your last impressions with prospective buyers, so make sure your home makes a great one!

One of the free services we offer is a “Pinpoint Price Analysis,” which gives you a precise range of pricing for your home – based on your home and its position in today’s market conditions.

Plus, we guarantee to sell your house at the Pinpoint Price in less than 30 days.


If you would like a Pinpoint Analysis for your home along with our "Getting Top Dollar" Show Room Shine Handbook just give us a call or email and we can arrange a convenient time to get together.


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