Vision Georgetown 2021 plan for piped in water from Lake Ontario.

Town allocates water to 499 new homes 

Three subdivisions and surplus Town lands are on track to receive water capacity from the Town after Halton Hills Council approved a 2015 Water Allocation report last week.

Last September, Halton Region allotted the Town an additional 900 Single Detached Equivalent (SDE) of water system capacity. At the Jan. 26 council meeting, the Town’s Manager of Development Review Adam Farr outlined staff recommendations for distributing that water to development projects.

Farr said staff is recommending that 444 SDE be allotted to the Residential Greenfield Pool (Georgetown South), 402 SDE to the Residential Infill Pool (which is development within the Georgetown built boundary) and 54 SDE to the Non-Residential Pool for industrial, commercial and institutional uses.

Specifically, it’s recommended Fernbrook’s Mountainview Phase 3b (Eighth Line, north of 10 Sideroad) receive 42 SDE, Halton Hills Village Homes 16 (east of Mountainview Rd. and north of 10 Sideroad) is to get 402 SDE— both of those allocations are from the Greenfield Pool. Menkes Development (north of Hwy. 7 east of the Sands Condominium) is to receive 55 SDE from the Infill Pool.

The allocations are all conditional based on the developments satisfying performance conditions. With these allocations, those three communities would be built-out. Water is also assigned to two Town-owned surplus properties— the Memorial Arena site (proposed 118 units) and the Civic Centre lands (proposed 114 units). 

After those allocations are made, the Town would have no SDE left in the Residential Greenfield Pool, 203 in the Residential Infill Pool and 100 in the Non-Residential Pool.  

Halton Hills is currently serviced from a groundwater-based system. Water for the Vision Georgetown lands (between Trafalgar Rd. and Eighth Line and 10 and 15 Sideroads), which are to start developing in 2021, will be piped from Lake Ontario.  Between now and 2021 Farr said Town staff will work with the Region to release additional groundwater capacity for development in town.

Source Lisa Tallyn

What does this all mean well as a REALTOR we always like to say the growth of new homes in Georgetown has always been controlled by the water allocations thus we do not have the crazy build numbers like in Brampton and Milton, keeping our community unique within the GTA. With this news of the 2021 plan of Lake Ontario water being piped in will certainly change the number of builds we will see in the coming future.

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