Why Choose a “Big Brand” in the Real Estate Industry

I started my career in real estate with a locally-owned independent brokerage with claims of being #1 in our Marketplace.  When I started, I was “wooed” by the idea of having lots of listings and plenty of leads "Just breathe the air and you will earn".  I quickly realized this local independent was creating an influx of under-qualified sales representatives looking to make a quick buck in a brokerage that emphasized volume and commissions over quality of life to the reps. and service to their clients.

It was here less than 18 months into my real estate career I realized I needed to move on with one more stop along the way then CENTURY 21 Team Realty Ltd. was born seeking to transform the client experience.

We moved away from the prevalent transaction-based brokerage structure to a service-based model that offers our office Team members unprecedented training, powerful tools and technology that enables them to provide extraordinary value to home buyers and sellers.

It has turned out to be the best decision of my career and I haven’t looked back.

Three benefits I‘ve found working with a “Big Brand” in real estate compared to the small locally-owned one are:

  1. Brand Recognition

When you hear CENTURY 21® you automatically think real estate and professionalism.  The first broker I worked for lacked the brand recognition and an identity outside the local market.  The name was associated with a long term local real estate company but outside this local market it was always questioned. Therefore, when clients thought of me in real estate they associated me with only working a small local market.  One of the first listings I got after joining that company confirmed this when the owner told me that he would have used me to sell the house in the beginning but thought I only worked in this local market.

  1. Support, Systems, and Training

The support, systems and training offered by CENTURY 21 Canada are second to none.  With smaller brands, they do not have the resources to provide new agents with the proper training and support that is required to succeed in the industry.  When I first started with CENTURY 21 Canada, I was introduced to the support staff that helped with all the day-to-day activities, like uploading listings, sending paperwork to local boards and handling all aspects of administration.  Big brands also have more access to quality training programs and courses.  The top coaches in the industry team up with the big brands providing huge opportunities for growth and improvement.

  1. Strength in Numbers

One of the clear benefits of working with a big brand is their sheer size and all the evident perks that come along with having a large team.  The more agents that are part of a brand, the more exposure the brand gets and the stronger the brand’s recognition becomes. This results in greater support for our clients and our business.

We operate like the Starbucks of the real estate world in terms of quality and service and  McDonalds in terms of systemization.

Our office concept balances these two ideals to create a unique value proposition for our clients, partners, and Team Members. "Our mission for serving our clients best is to elevate the art of selling real estate to a valued service experience second to none. The way we do that is by nurturing the best trained, best prepared, and most informed real estate professionals in our region. We're not about growth; we're about attracting and developing service-minded superstars who want to be part of something unique - something that will raise their quality of life and business standards in every market we enter all for the good of the clients and our business.

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