Connect yourself to the most recognized real estate brand in the world and leverage the CENTURY 21® name to elevate your business to new heights. CENTURY 21 Canada is a progressive organization that has maintained its competitive edge in technology and service since its beginnings in 1971. Today the CENTURY 21 brand is stronger than ever, investing in brand image and infusing the gold standard into all areas of business.

The CENTURY 21 System is designed to help all sales representatives deliver the gold standard level of service. From exceptional education and training, broker development programs and innovative marketing initiatives, the CENTURY 21 System will put you a step ahead.

With, you benefit from the most innovative internet marketing strategy available in the industry. The proprietary CENTURY 21 Echo-Syndication Internet Strategy takes an unparalleled approach to getting you and your properties found online.

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Why join the C21 family?

Do you want to be SMARTER than your competition?
If yes, then this is the place for you.

From amazing technology to industry leading branding and marketing, you can be part of the CENTURY 21 difference. The CENTURY 21 difference is in its marketing - more of tomorrow's star REALTORS® are choosing the CENTURY 21 brand because it fits their image. Find out more...

Successful careers start here

Grab your career by the sign posts. Not where you want to be? Unsure where to start? You keep refreshing your email. Where are all the leads? You keep hearing social media, lead farming, referral building. Great theory, but you want practice. You know success is no accident. Get education online, on demand, local, or interactive.

Start strong

CareerXpress™ – In just 31 days, harness top producers’ habits and C21® tools.

Guide my business

CREATE 21 – Online coaching to work with any customer, in any market.

Be limitless

Sales Training – 8 contracts in 12 weeks? We hold you to your goals, so you reach them.

Never fall behind

CENTURY 21 University™ – On demand videos. Live webinars. Expert education on every topic.

Learn from the best

Industry experts – They’ve been there, achieved that. Uncover their tactics.

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Imagine your listing. Looking sleek online & offline. It hits your neighbourhood & client base. Then, reaches 78 countries in 16 languages. Now you’re talking global. Better send invites to that open house. *Cue pleased head nod from your clients. And all you did was click a few buttons.

Your entire business, in your pocket.

You could hire a graphic designer, CRM and email service, web search expert, lead routing system, and website pro. Whoa, adds up fast. But, we’ve put it all in one place just for you. This is your OnlineOffice. Because your success is our success. Plain & simple: We’ve got your back. Just don’t forget your office in your other coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a CENTURY 21 Sales Associate do?
A CENTURY 21 Sales Associate is a respected, licensed professional who provides clients with valuable advice and guidance in the often complex and sometimes emotional process of purchasing or selling a home or property. A Sales Associate plays a very important role in the real estate transaction process and responsibilities may include showcasing homes, gaining new customer relationships, helping buyers and sellers come to agreements, offering expertise in home selection and local market knowledge, negotiating, and guidance in the closing transaction. In addition, CENTURY 21 sales professionals provide ongoing guidance and support to home owners.
2. Why choose the CENTURY 21 System?
The CENTURY 21 System is more than the most recognized name in real estate. It is an entire system of professional tools and unparalleled support that puts CENTURY 21 Sales Associates at the top of the industry. The unwavering dedication of CENTURY 21 Sales Associates and their commitment to serving customers to the best of their ability creates an atmosphere of success and pride found only in the best organizations. When you join the CENTURY 21 System, you will take your place in a heritage of success with a support team committed to your achievements.
3. How much can I expect to earn?
As a CENTURY 21 Sales Associate, the opportunities for rewards can be great. Typically you can earn based on your performance and compensation may vary within each local broker's office. Plus, you’ll have the training and resources of the CENTURY 21 System at your disposal. For 30 years now, we’ve been helping our real estate professionals maximize their career potential.
4. What can I expect out of the first few months?
As with any career, you usually get out of it, what you put in. Real estate sales are no different although you should expect that it will take at least a couple of months for you to become completely familiar with your new environment and establish a routine that works best for you. CENTURY 21 has many tools to assist with your start-up in the real estate business including the award winning Create 21 online training program for new sales associates. This program will help fast-track you to a successful real estate sales career. In addition, many local CENTURY 21 brokers have in-office education and mentoring programs available for new sales associates.
5. How will I find clients?
The CENTURY 21 System's award-winning Intranet,, provides numerous online and off line tools to help in prospecting for new clients, maintaining a contact list and building relationships with clients. Every member of the CENTURY 21 System has access to the resources of, as well as the guidance and mentoring of their local broker.
6. Does CENTURY 21 provide training? Is it paid for by CENTURY 21?
CENTURY 21 has a complete career path training system available for sales associates. Many of these programs are instructor lead, online programs although, other educational opportunities exist at consistently held CENTURY 21 events across Canada. There are minimal costs associated with the introductory programs and many of the continuing online educational programs are free to CENTURY 21 sales associates. Some local CENTURY 21 offices pay for the online training programs offered by CENTURY 21.
7. Can I set my own routine?
Generally, you can enjoy a varied schedule, spending time out in the community with clients and also meeting and working with colleagues from a CENTURY 21 local broker's office. As a CENTURY 21 Sales Associate, you can often build a schedule that fits your lifestyle.
8. How long will it take me to get established as a CENTURY 21 Sales Associate?
Individual success varies, but the CENTURY 21 System's platform of education and ongoing career support helps you get on the fast track to real estate career success. With your ambition and the high visibility of the CENTURY 21 brand, you are on your way to great personal and professional growth.
9. Where can I get information on getting started as a real estate agent?
It’s easy to get started as a CENTURY 21 sales associate. Submit your resume online and your information will be forwarded to a CENTURY 21 careers representative who will make contact with you and will advise you of the next steps in the process. If job opportunities are available in your community and you are qualified, then your information will be submitted to a local CENTURY 21 broker, who will contact you directly with more information. It’s that easy.
10. Do I need a real estate license?
Each Province does require that a real estate sales associate be licensed. The licensing requirements vary, depending on what Province you are located in. Your CENTURY 21 careers representative can provide you the appropriate information for your Province.
11. Where can I get information about how to obtain a real estate license?
Once you submit your online resume, a CENTURY 21 careers representative will contact you and provide you with the appropriate online web address for the Province you are located in. This web site will inform you of the necessary steps required in your Province.
12. How long does it take to get a real estate license?
The time to obtain a real estate license varies from one Province to the next and of course, also depends on your aptitude and ability to master the licensing requirements. In some cases there may be pre-licensing courses available and some local CENTURY 21 brokers do offer tutorial sessions to assist with the licensing process. A CENTURY 21 careers representative will be able to provide further details once your Province of residence is determined.
13. Are there any minimum requirements?
For most Provincial requirements, you must be 19 years of age, a high school diploma or equivalency is required and you must demonstrate English language proficiency. The costs associated with getting a real estate license vary in each Province and you will be required to pay for the appropriate pre-licensing materials along with the exam and licensing fees.
14. Does Century 21 offer salaried positions while going through the licensing process?
Generally speaking, a career as a real estate sales associate means that you are an independent contractor working on commission and are responsible for many of your own expenses and the position does not offer a salary. However, some local CENTURY 21 brokers do provide training and start-up commission advances or draws against pending commissions. This policy is completely up to the local CENTURY 21 broker and it is recommended that you speak directly to the broker regarding this possibility.
15. Are there any non-sales related positions available with the CENTURY 21 System?
If sales positions are not right for you but you still want to be part of the energetic CENTURY 21 System, individual local CENTURY 21 offices may have needs for staff positions, typically administrative or even managerial. It is recommended that you speak directly to a local CENTURY 21 broker in your area to inquire about non-sales related positions.
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