Conserve electricity, the message Hydro One has been promoting for years. Ironically increased rates have been approved because Hydro says we haven't used enough electricity and they need to make up for the shortfall in revenue!

My home has a smart meter and we are very conscious of time of day billing. We received a letter several months ago telling us they couldn't read our meter remotely and we would be switched to Two tier billing wherein over so much kWh usage they charge more per kWh. Strangely we are still on time of day but now they estimate our meter reading and electricity usage including what hour we use it!

To top it all off we have just received a bill for the family cottage which has the Hydro shut off in October until June. We used zero electricity but were still charged over $100.00 for three months delivery (of what?) Plus H.S.T. Amazing that we are being taxed for something that we didn't buy or use!

Hydro gets away with all this insanity and all we can do is pay. Perhaps it's time to switch to a gas guzzling generator, might be cheaper?

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