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Brighton is a town in Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada, approximately 150 kilometers east of Toronto and 100 km west of Kingston. It is intersected by both Highway 401 and the former Highway 2. It is on the West end of the Bay of Quinte on the entrance of the Murray Canal.

The Municipality of Brighton is home to approximately 10,200 inhabitants, with a higher than average percentage of those retired. This is normal, as the quiet, clean and friendly atmosphere of many smaller towns near lake Ontario tend to draw the elderly as popular places for retirement living.

Brighton is home to a lovely agricultural community, producing crops such wheat, corn, and soybeans, but it is most well known for its produce of apples. The well-known Applefest festival was created in 1975 to promote the local businesses and the apple production. Today, the Applefest has grown to become one of Ontario’s premier fall festivals, featuring a parade, entertainers, and vendors.

If you’re in Brighton, be sure to visit the scenic Presqu’ile Provincial Park located on a peninsula on the shore of Lake Ontario. The park’s formation is referred to as a tombolo, a limestone island connected to the mainland by a sand spit. Just hop on the Brighton Bus for a free ride to the Presqu’ile Park, sponsored by the area businesses. The park is ideal for birdwatchers and nature-lovers. Walk the Jobes’ Woods Trail, a one kilometre loop passing by towering old maples. Vernal pools crossed by boardwalks and conifer plantations. Hike the 1.6 kilometre Owen Point Trail to see migrating shorebirds along the natural beach and the distant views of the water bird colonies on their island nesting grounds. Explore the 1.2 kilometre Marsh Boardwalk, weaving through cottonwood and cedar forests, into the marsh, and over bridges.

For a fine dining experience in Brighton, visit The Gables Restaurant, a historic house converted into an exquisite restaurant with excellent service and quality. The chef of the restaurant received his training in Germany and has worked around the world in Stockholm, London, Muskoka, and Jersey Island. The Gables Restaurant is listed in the National Restaurant Guide “Where to Eat in Canada”. For an excellent cup of coffee, visit Lola’s Coffee House, which serves specialty coffees, sandwiches, and more.

For those people looking for action and thrills, the Brighton Speedway is the perfect attraction. The speedway has an event every Saturday night during the season, and you can meet local and guest racers. The schedule and fees are at

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