Materials - Anticipated Life Expectancy


It’s important to prevent costly home repairs by watching out for ordinary wear and tear around the home. Natural deterioration will occur and one should budget appropriately for repairs that are likely to become necessary given the age or condition of their home.


The hardiness of the materials used to build a home generally determines how long the components are likely to last, but the quality of the installation, intensity of use, local climate conditions and level of maintenance cal all impact their actual longevity.


Anticipated Life Expectancy (in years):

Roofing Materials:

Slate, copper 50+

Clay/concrete tile 50+

Wood shake 30

Fiber cement shingles 25

Asphalt shingles 20



Stone 100+

Wood 100+

Tile 75-100

Vinyl 50

Laminate 15-25

Carpet 8-10



Wood 30+

Aluminum (clad) 15-20

Window glazing 10



Water heaters: 20 (tankless)

Heat pumps 16

Faucets 15-20

Furnaces 15-20

A/C units 10-15

Water heaters: 10 (gas/electric)


Outdoor Decks:

Northern climates 20-30

Dry climates 20-25

Southern climates 10-15



Gas/electric ranges 13-15

Refrigerators 13

Clothes dryer 13

Garbage disposals 12

Washing machines 10

Dishwashers 9


The most durable materials used today, including hardwoods, composites, stone and various tiles, can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. They are often replaced over time for aesthetic reasons such as style and preferences. When replacing worn-out or dated features, homeowners may want to select materials and upgrades that are in line with the neighborhood norm. Over-improving or under-improving can limit the potential return on your investment.


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Sources: National Associate of Home Builders, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Natural Resources Canada

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