A Fish Out Of Water

There I was working away at the home office when suddenly I heard a loud CRASH sound from upstairs. I heard a scream and raced upstairs. As I raced upstairs our six month old Golden Doodle pup, Gracie, ran past me toward the relative quiet of the downstairs. I heard my 7 year old screeching "Gracie killed the fish...Gracie killed the fish!" As I entered the kitchen there was Ethan, our son, pointing to the floor and bawling. I had thought I was being a good parent. I now realize that there really is no such thing as a "good parent" just people trying to raise their kids without going crazy. 

Back to the story...Gracie's tail had caught on the power supply to the fish tank. The tank had smashed into a thousand pieces and gallons of water had spread generously about the kitchen floor. In the midst of the broken glass was our two week old fish...a Japanese Fighting fish, flopping on the floor gasping for water. In wet feet I scooped him up with a spoon into a drinking glass and poured some water into it from the tap. A week later, and several hundred dollars worth of drywall repair to our basement ceiling, all was back to normal. Whatever that is.

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