Don't wait till the end for a forclosure!!!

When you miss your mortgage payments, it doesn't matter for what reason, atleast try to inform the bank and seek help or legal advice.  I had a client come to me on last friday, said the bank was going to come and lock the house on monday morning!!! Right away i asked weren't you served with atleast three notices so far?? Clients reply was Yes but i didn't think it was serious!   The house has atleast 150k in equity!  The sheriff came and lcoked the house but  Luckily my team was able to arrange for a private lender to pay off the outstanding and save the house so we can put it on the market.  Next time folks don't wait till the end, seek out help!  There is nothing to be embarassed of, it happens to alot of people.

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Thabeshan Karunamoorthy

Thabeshan Karunamoorthy

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