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Thu, 2010-01-14 07:16.
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A water contamination in the Lavington and Coldstream area is so bad residents are being told not only not to drink the water,  but but they should not use it for cooking, making ice, bathing, showering or brushing their teeth. 

Three schools have been closed due to the contamination of their water source.   School District 22 Superintendent, Bev Rundell says Coldstream and Lavington Elementary as well as Kal Secondary Schools will close for today.

Officials tell us a landslide resulted in manure getting into the reservoir, resulting in a severe contamination.

Vernon RCMP and Auxiliary spent three hours going door to door  last night in the pouring raining telling residents not to drink the water.

Greater Vernon Water says customers affected are in Lavington and Coldstream, as far west as McClounie Road, who's water suppy is from the Antwerp Springs source.   Bottled water is being supplied for those affected and can be picked up at the Lavington and Coldstream Fire Departments.

Betty Selin - Vernon

This link highlights the affected areas if you are unsure

Why are customers affected?
The well has been compromised and we ask all customers to not drink the water. It should be used only for flushing toilets.

Areas Affected: Antwerp Springs Source - Lavington and parts of Coldstream.

What should these customers do?
RDNO - GVW recommends that ALL customers in the affected area "Do Not Drink" the water. Please use a safe alternative.

Bottled Water will be available at the Coldstream Fire Hall on Aberdeen Road and Lavington Fire Hall on School Road as of 6:00am Thursday, January 14.

Until further notice, PLEASE USE A SAFE WATER ALTERNATIVE intended for the following uses:

  • Drinking
  • Washing fruits and vegetables
  • Making beverages or ice
  • Brushing teeth
  • Bathing / shower

  If you just want to check the map quickly click here

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