Curb Appeal! - Come On, It's This Easy!

Whether you're looking to sell your home or just keep up with the Jones', these few easy steps will make sure your house is admired by just about everyone who passes by.

Help me! My house looks nice inside, but the front yard just isn't up to par. I hear so much about curb appeal but it's hard to figure out where to start. What are the most important things to do?

Home Rescue: True, you could spend days at a time working on your curb appeal. But that's not the only way to get great results. Start with these three transformative tips and you'll start impressing your neighbors (and would-be homebuyers) in no time.

curb appealPhotos, Curb Appeal Tip #1: Jazz Up Your Mailbox
We swear -- it'll impress more people than just your mail carrier. Freshen up your mailbox with a fresh coat of paint -- in one of these spring colors, perhaps? Personalize it with decals for an eye-catching. one-of-a-kind box or go with a sleek design for a modern mailbox. And don't forget the ground around it! Plant a few flowers to add extra color. A flowering vine is perfect, as it will grow up the base of the mailbox and show passers-by that this is a house where details matter and beauty rules.

Curb Appeal Tip #2: Focus On Your Front Door
Everybody else is doing it already, so you should too! Let this be your opportunity to show that you're serious about style while still remembering that less is more when it comes to this part of your home. So choose one or two statements -- a potted plant, a decorative knocker -- not 20. A nice railing is a good way to frame your entrance and add some flair. If you decide to repaint, finish off your fresh front door with quality hardware in a glamorous finish like satin nickel or oil-rubbed brass. Want more?

Curb Appeal Tip #3: Lighten Up.
No one can see your house in the first place if it's dimly lit. Overhead lighting works above your front door, or mount sconces on either side. And don't forget your walkway -- not only will you keep visitors safe by illuminating the path to your door, but at sunset, it can look downright magical against the grass. Remember: Your home is on display 24 hours a day -- it should be prepared for the attention!

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