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Before you list your home, think about the five questions that home buyers will ask themselves about YOUR home.  If your house measures up best against others when these questions are asked, yours will be the quickest to sell.

1) Is this a good location?

We've all heard the adage "location, location, location".  No one wants to live in a bad neighbourhood.  They will even drive a little further to get to work if they love the neighbourhood and/ or their kids can go to better schools.  You have to create the perception of a great neighbourhood - that you are "next to" the ritziest area of town, or near a great park, museum, walking distance to the beach, or the best school. Think of the benefits and crate a "headline" of the benefits.

2) What does it cost?

Be realistic.  You are competing with other people who have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home to sell.  If you ask more than the market will bear, it will take longer to sell.  That is why when you sit down with us we always review what homes in your neighbourhood have sold for, and what homes in similar condition, similar features are selling for in your area.

3) How doe sit look?

Make your home the jewel of the neighbourhood. - the place everyone that everyone wants to be.  Assuming nothing is majorly wrong, here are a few things that can give a great first impression.  Fix the driveway - it is the first thing people will see close-up.  Mow the yard, trim the shrubs, plant some flowers.  If it is the winter time, keep sidewalk and stairs snow-free and de-iced.  Paint the front of the house or at least the front door.  It gives the impression of a well-tended home. De-clutter! Pack up the knick-knacks and move extraneous furniture into storage.  This will give you a head start on moving and gives the buyer a chance to imagine their own "stuff" in the house, leading them one step closer to making it their own.

4) How will I pay for it?

Many homeowners are frankly afraid to review their finances and opening themselves up to rejection - by a bank or mortgage lender, particularly when those people are strangers.  This is where we can help by recommended personable, professionals to help walk them through the process.

5) When can I move?

Many people are looking for a home because they are transferring into the area or are tired of apartment living NOW! For these people the ability to move quickly is an added incentive to buy your home.  You are moving anyway, why not speed up the process?

On the other hand, some buyers need to time to sell their home before they can buy yours,  This does not make for a quick sale, but it gives you time to get your own move planned and executed.

Addressing these simple questions can help get your home sold quicker and for top dollar.

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The Don Miller Group Team

The Don Miller Group Team

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