Home Staging Tips: It's All About the Spa Atmoshpere!

Home Staging Tips: It's All About the Spa Atmoshpere!


Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses; so staging the bathroom is one of the best ways to get your house sold and off the market. We all get used to our bathrooms and tend to overlook what are glaring problems to potential buyers.

The key phrase to shoot for in staging your bathroom is "spa-like" atmosphere. You want buyers to peek into any of your bathrooms and have the impression that they are luxurious places to rest.

Step 1
Paint your walls a warm and inviting color. While you may love flashy colors, they probably will not produce a calming effect. Jewel tones, deep browns and reds, and a clean and crisp white will help you relax in your bathroom. Paint is an inexpensive way to drastically change the look and feel of a room.

Step 2
Gather a collection of candles. Using complementary colors of candles will help make the room appear more cohesive. Set the candles around your tub and sink. For safety, it is best to use battery-operated candles. These candles look like real candles and give off the same light without the fire hazard. This is one of many techniques that the home staging pros use often.

Step 3
Replace your towels with soft, high-quality cotton towels or cotton Egyptian towels that match the color of your bathroom floor rugs. Purchase a small-decorated basket and place several cotton hand towels inside the basket. For a hint of color, sprinkle red satin rose petals on the towels. Place the basket on your bathroom counter.

Step 4
Buy a big fluffy robe because robes are a big part of the spa experience and invoke feelings of comfort and pampering.

Step 5
Place a mixture of scented soaps, oils, pumice brushes, eye mask, bath pillows, face and foot scrubs inside a wicker basket and place the basket on your bathroom counter. If you do not have enough counter space, place the basket on your toilet tank cover or purchase a small round table, drape a small tablecloth on it and place the basket on top.

Article Source: http://www.homestagingchannel.com/home-staging-tips-its-all-about-the-spa-atmoshpere-i-46.php

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