In Love with an Aussie Toilet


In Love with an Aussie Toilet

December 15, 2009, 9:22 pm



Today, I was fortunate to attend a meeting at the Lighthouse Sustainable Building Centre here in Vancouver, B.C.  This centre showcases environmentally friendly building materials that builders and home owners can opt to invest in.  We were given a tour of the facility, and I was spellbound by the unique offerings, such as flooring made from recycled tires, a "green" concept kitchen, and a library with information on sustainable products and services, including various samples.  However, for me, the highlight, the piece-de-resistance, the culmination of this tour was arriving at the Australian, dual flush, grey water toilet, with sink attached at the back. 


This beauty is from Caroma, and has a dual flush system, one button for liquid waste, and a second button for solid waste, or as my children would say, #1 and #2.  The tap and sink over the toilet tank starts to run and fills up the toilet tank, ready for the next flush.  However, you can also wash your hands thoroughly from this little sink, while the tank is filling.  This ingenious invention lets a homeowner save 75% in water consumption over a regular toilet and sink.  A bonus is certainly the sleek, modern look of this toilet, making it a great conversation piece for all to admire.  

Imagine, your home has no bathroom on the main floor.  It would be easy to convert a closet to a "water" closet or one-piece washroom.  There is no need for a separate sink, saving valuable space.  Or perhaps you would like to increase the value of your home for sale, and want to add another toilet as a selling feature.  Voila - the Caroma Profile Smart toilet is the answer.



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