Listing versus Selling

A good article about listing your house for sale by a fellow realtor!

Listing versus Selling

by Terry Chenier

In that past 3 weeks, I've turned down 4 requests to list houses. How come?

People weren't looking at pricing their property realistically. I did market evaluations, and in every case, they agreed with my findings, but, they wanted their price. I explained to them that there are roughly 6 listings for every sale right now and that the listing has to be priced right on the money. Otherwise, I'm spending a fortune on advertising and marketing for nothing. It's wasted money! You really want to be the shiny penny out there, priced right on the money-the first time!

In every case, the listers were buying back into the same market, so it matters not whether the price of their house has gone down slightly.

Actually, think about it! Let's say everything has gone down, say, 10%. If you're in a $500,000 house and are moving up to a $700,000 house, 10% is more on the bigger house, so, you're saving more money.

First time buyers can actually afford your place now because of the reduction in price and interest rates being at an unprecedented low.

O.K., in fairness, if you're trading down, you're going to take a little hit.

I ask people; Do you want to sell your house, or do you want to list your house?

If you want advice on what your property would realise in price in today's market then give me a call and we can talk!

Remember, call me first and save time and money!

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