Our Excursion into the Forest to cut our Own Christmas Tree!


Last weekend my wife, Anne and I applied on-line for a Christmas Tree Permit from the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations web site. The web site states some rules to follow, like not cutting trees in watersheds or too close to power lines. It also states size limits and gives some helpful advice on where and which types of trees to cut.


We packed up our tree pruning saw and an axe (which we never used), a longish rope or two and went out to Noble Canyon in Lavington, BC. We weren’t alone as we saw other families were there too. It took a while for us to find “the perfect tree”, cut it down and load it into the back or our PT cruiser. During the search we had a lot of fun and discovered that stumps of previous Christmas trees could re-grow new tree tops which we really enjoyed knowing.

The logging roads were plowed but slippery and there was little snow this year so the going through the bush where we checked out the trees we spotted from our car was easy. We recommend good snow tires, good boots, warm clothing and hot chocolate afterwards.


To get your own permit go to this web site.


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The Don Miller Group Team

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