Should I Decorate My Home for Christmas if I'm Selling?



It's always a questions I get around this time of year - "Should we decorate the house for Christmas if it's on the market?" and of course the answer I always give is YES!

You must remember that while you are trying to attract a buyer for your property, you are still living in the home and maintaining a lifestyle. Potential buyers can appreciate that and will not be put off by you celebrating the events of your life in the home!

The one thing to remember is do it TASTEFULLY! Do not clutter up spaces or obstruct walkways so that people viewing the home cannot see or get past certain areas of the house. Also, you want to make them WANT to move into your home so entice them with gorgeous decor and a bit of planning, the idea is to be WELCOMING! The best phrase I have ever heard someone use is pretend that your boss & his family are coming over for a Christmas party and you want to make the very best impression on them! That means keep things immaculate and tasteful. I often find that clients who use greenery and pinecones etc, things found in the forest tend to make the best impact. Remember, NEVER leave lit candles unattended!

Pay attention to the front entrance and make a statement as the clients approach the front door with some thoughtful decorating.  Have a mat so that people can leave their shoes on the mat to absorb any slush or snow.

Leaving a plate of Christmas cookies with some napkins on the Kitchen bench never hurts to impress either! Any way you look at it you want the potential buyer to feel at home and warm in this property, so much so that they want to move in and live here! It is a know real estate fact that houses show better when decorate for the Holidays so use this time of year to your advantage and seduce the potential buyer into falling in love with your home! Remember, people who are out looking for a new home instead of braving the stores to finish up their Christmas shopping are the SERIOUS buyers! There you have it, spread some good cheer and I hope you have a memorable and enjoyable Christmas this year!  Happy Holidays from the Don Miller Group Team!

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The Don Miller Group Team

The Don Miller Group Team

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