Despite this tough real estate market we continue to meet sellers who want to sell their home themselves!


Their responses:

  • Your market analysis shows me that I have to price the home lower in order to sell!
  • I am not going to "give away" my home!
  • I can negotiate more effectively because I do not have to pay a commission!
  • I do not want to pay any commission to anybody!
  • We will put up a sign and come to show the property when we receive a phone call!
  • We will have an open house and sell it!

Here are a couple of points from The Don Miller Group

  • The market analysis shows the actual market in your neighborhood. You cannot change that by listing the home by yourself!
  • If you are "giving away" your home then you should strongly reconsider keeping your home off of the market. Again the market dictates the price of your home!
  • There is a very good chance that you will be working with a buyers agent. If you do then you will be obligated to pay them a commission for all of their work. How much will you actually save by not involving agents!
  • Are you really ready to show your home on a moments notice? What if you miss the call?
  • The percentages of selling your home at an open house are extremely small.

What The Don Miller Group is seeing in this market

  • Many Buyers are seeing the homes on the real estate websites
  • Buyers are working with agents to show them properties
  • Buyers that drive by our listings are not calling like the past. They pull a flyer and leave
  • We have lower turnouts at our open houses
  • Buyers want to see more information about the home before they take a look.

What The Don Miller Group brings to the market

  • 2 members who answer their phones 24/7!
  • Extensive internet marketing on all major real estate websites
  • Strong market analysis of your property to assist in pricing
  • Good working relationship with other agents
  • Staging ideas booklet to assist in marketing your property
  • Representation for you when working with a buyer

In the toughest market in recent history continues why would you want to do this yourself?

Give us a call!  The Don Miller Group   .....your real estate consultants for life!.....


We'll get you moving.........


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The Don Miller Group Team

The Don Miller Group Team

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