The Purpose of the Garage?!


Many of use do not use our garage for our cars but for storage

In my profession I often see home after home loaded with stuff.!  Stuff people don't use, forgot they had or no longer care to use and guess where it all ends up? Yep, the Garage!   Do You Park Your Vehicle in the Garage?.

if you are using your garage for extra storage then you may just have too much stuff.  If you have not used the items within the past 2-5 years then I'd say get rid of it and DE clutter your life. 

There are several good arguments for using your garage for your car, the use it was intended for. Safety is probably the number one issue.  Your neighbors of whom, you usually know to a degree will have to call before coming over as they will not be sure if you are home, this can be a bonus. Increased security for your home especially during the day, is another plus as potential burglars will not be able to ascertain if you are in or not and this can be a comfort.   Keeping your car in the garage can protect the bodywork and even the engine.  It keeps them both cleaner, by not having to expose your car to the weather elements. 

Keeping your car in the garage may lower your insurance premiums. 

Keeping your car in the garage gives thieves one less vehicle to break into or steal!

Do you know someone whose home you drive by regualrly and you can tell if they are home just be looking at the cars in the street or driveway?

it's up to you but use your garage wisely.  It is there for your security not just storage!

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