Thinking of Setting Off Fireworks in Vernon this Halloween?

Below is straight from Vernon's Fire Preventiion Bylaw (Number 4476 3.3) - I would not want to mislead anyone so please read and be informed. 


3.3.1 No person shall sell or offer to sell, either by way of retail or wholesale, fireworks in the City of Vernon.

3.3.2 No person shall give or hand over fireworks to another person in the City of Vernon.

3.3.3 Except as provided in this bylaw, no person shall explode or discharge fireworks in the City of Vernon, whether on public or private property.

3.3.4 The Fire Chief may issue a Permit to discharge fireworks to a person or organization for the purpose of the observance or celebration of a special event or festival .

3.3.5 No Permit shall be issued unless the fireworks are under the care and control of a Licensed Fireworks Supervisor for purposes of storage and explosion or discharge.

3.3.6 Any authorized person named in a Permit issued herein shall comply with the provisions of the safety rules of Class 7, Division 2, Subdivision 2 explosives, or Class 7, Division 2, Subdivision 5 explosives published from time to time by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Resources Canada.

3.3.7 Notwithstanding the issuance of a Permit herein, such Permit does not authorize the sale by any person to a Permit holder of fireworks in the City of Vernon.

Still confused, questions, if in doubt don't do anything until you contact City Hall.


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