Throw Out Those Old Silk Flowers! And Get The House Sold!

In the 80’s and 90’s there were floral arrangements with silks a plenty! It was the thing to do and helped set the look of the home and boost the staging presence! But today is a new day and the staging stakes have risen dramatically in presenting a home for sale! It is now time to retire those old flower arrangements to the garbage!!! Have a peaceful transition of parting with those dust craving brass containers! Have you seen the blue roses and pink arrangements that still linger in your friend’s homes on their coffee or dining room tables; dust ridden, old flowers with frayed edges?! Let’s get ready, you can do it – Seriously – it is liberating and fun!!!! Out with the old!

It is now 2010, when we stage homes for sale, we are using fresh flowers to impact your surroundings. Whether your home is for sale or you may just want that model home atmosphere, try using fresh flowers! Why not try this easy and simple look. Purchase about 15 flowers in one solid color, cut the stems exactly the same size from the bottom of the flower to the bottom of the stem. Put in a square or round vase and display them tightly inside the vase, hugging the top edge of glass – as the stem takes up water the flower will expand to fill up the edge of vase – creating the senses of smell, sight AND touch! This look will NOT be disappoint! 

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Go On, Get rid of those dust catchers!

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The Don Miller Group Team

The Don Miller Group Team

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