When Preparing to Sell

When Preparing to Sell

Curb appeal is especially important for a house that is on the market. The front of the house is the first thing a potential buyer experiences. It can invite that person to look inside or turn him away. Here are a few suggestions to home sellers:

Fertilize and water your landscaping plants. Yellowed trees, grass, and plantings are not healthy and look uncared for. Neglected plants may influence someone’s impression of how you have maintained the rest of your home.

Prune overgrown trees and plants. Pay particular attention to those that block the path to the front door. A clear entry is open, comfortable, and inviting.

Make sure you have good outside lighting. Many prospective buyers may want to drive by the house in the evening to see the outside before making an appointment to actually view the house. For the same reason, make sure your address is easily visible from the street.

Add seasonal color in pots. These flowers or plants can be changed easily if necessary.

Finally, step outside and actually take a look at the front entryway. Are there spiderwebs? Are bulbs burned out? Is there an accumulation of leaves or debris? A little cleaning and maintenance will help project a warm, welcoming impression to prospective buyers at little or no cost.
If you have questions on how to get your home ready for sale just give us a call on 250-550-2125 or email us don@thedonmillergroup.ca and we can help save you money and time!
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The Don Miller Group Team

The Don Miller Group Team

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