Why Isn't My Home Selling?


Often I get emails and phone calls with people asking me the same question,

 "Why is my home not selling?" I make it my job to ensure that I am doing everything
possible to get my client's homes sold for the right price but it can be frustrating for
those who have factors affecting the saleability of their home.
Often it comes down to one thing - Price.....

There are a couple of things to consider when pricing your home.

  • Internally, there could be a deterrent to buyers like a wrong layout
    of floor plan. This could be when all of the bedrooms are on one floor
    with the only bathroom on another floor or having to walk through one
    bedroom to get to another bedroom. Stairs are often an issue to buyers
    as well as access to the backyard. You might like to consider making
    alterations to your home to make it more attractive to buyers but you will
    always have to weigh up the cost of these renovations to the return you w
    ill receive when your home does sell.
  • Externally, the second consideration of a home not selling is external. 
    Usually this means location and can't be altered but it does affect price.
    Things like a very busy road, power lines, or the home under a flight path
    or next to a commercial centre. These cannot be changed but the price
    can be adjusted to a point where buyers will accept the negatives.

The complaint I get most often when people come to me for advice is that they have
previously have their home listed for months and did not get any showings,  or
others will have had many viewings but did not get one offer. The reality of today's
market is that it is tough. In Vernon it is still a buyer's market.

In buyer's markets, it is especially important to pull out all the stops and make
your home stand out among the sea of inventory on the market. If there are so
many homes for sale, ask yourself why a buyer would choose your home over
all the other homes for sale. Once you have determined what is great about your
property, then promote it big time.

In a buyer's market, price your home a minimum of 2% less than the last comparable
sale. If you can't live with that price, then don't put your home on the market and
set yourself up for disappointment. Overpricing is the worst mistake a home seller can make.

Having a realtor who understands these issues is one of the best things you can
do to accomplish your real estate goals in today’s market as quickly, and smoothly
as possible. Call me today and I can give you a free evaluation of what your home is
worth in today's market



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The Don Miller Group Team

The Don Miller Group Team

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