Keep Those Bugs Away!


As much as we love the warm weather, it tends to come with a variety of pesky insects.  To ensure that your family stays healthy and safe from these creatures, we have outlined below some precautions that can be taken.

  1. Try to avoid times outside when mosquitoes are most active, which is right before sunrise and right around sunset.
  2. Wear breathable fabrics that have a tight weave and are light in colour.
  3. Remove any standing water where insects may breed.
  4. If walking in grassy areas, wear long pants and cover all skin to prevent ticks from attaching themselves to you.  Always check clothing for ticks when you return.
  5. Use a bug spray that contains deet.
  6. Don’t wear heavy perfumes or scents.

Summer is a great time for families to create memories in nature.  We hope you all have a great summer doing just that and will be here whenever you are ready to MAKE A POSITIVE MOVE…


Sheila & Shirleen

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The Brooks and Losee Team

The Brooks and Losee Team

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