Living With A Pet

There are many people that believe a house is not a home unless they have at least one pet.  Whether it’s a dog, cat, guinea pig or one of many other house pets, we seem to be happier when we have friends from the animal kingdom sharing our living space.

The down side to this is that some pets tend to have traits that if ignored can reduce the value of your home.  We have some tips for you on how to make sure your furry friends can be your best friends without devaluing your property.

Shedding can be a big problem with cats and dogs.  Using  natural pet shampoos and help release your pet’s undercoat where most of the shedding comes from.  Combining this with a regular brushing routine will help reduce the fur you find laying around on your carpets and floors so that a quick trip with the dust mop or vacuum can pick it up.  A handy thing to note is that sprinkling baking soda over your carpet before vacuuming can help loosen the fur.

We all love bringing home furry little kittens and puppies, but we also realize that chewing is going to be a way of life for quite a while.  To ensure the safety of your pets, keep electrical cords contained and put locks on your cupboards.  Make sure they have safe pet toys to chew on as well or you might just find that your shoes will become their favourite chew toys. 

Finally, there is the issue of scratches on your floors from your pet’s claws.  If you have hardwood floors and find that your pets are leaving scratches every time they get excited, vacuum the floor to remove all dirt and debris and then follow these few simple steps.

  1. Spray the floor with a cleaner and use a microfiber cleaning pad to scrub the scratches. (remember not to use fabric softener or put microfiber pads in the dryer or they may lose their effectiveness)
  2. Apply an oil refresher that is safe for your type of floor.  If scratches are still visible you can use a fine sandpaper and then apply oil again.

By following the steps above, you and your pets can spend years together in a safe and happy home.  And when you need us, we will be here to help you MAKE A POSITIVE MOVE…

Sheila & Shirleen

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The Brooks and Losee Team

The Brooks and Losee Team

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