Vacation Safety Tips

Families will soon be heading out on summer vacation, so we feel this is a good time to offer some tips to keep your home safe while you are gone.  When we return in a relaxed state, the last thing we want is to find that something has gone wrong at home while we were away.  

  1. Have someone check your home daily.  This will help catch any problems that may arise before they get out of hand.  Also, check with your insurance company to see what their requirements are as far as having someone check your home to avoid any problems should you need to put in a claim.
  2. Make sure someone knows your itinerary.  It is important that someone knows how to reach you in case of emergency.
  3. Don’t tip off criminals on the web.  As much as we like to post pictures of the great time we are having, we are never sure who may be watching our posts.  If there is no one staying at your home while you are away, it may be best to refrain from posting any information that could create an opportunity for theft.
  4. Consider purchasing a light that has a timer on it and program it to come on at the same time as when you are at home.  This will help those who are passing by believe that someone is in the house.


As part of our promise to maintain a meaningful relationship with you, we will continue to relay any information that can protect you, your family and your home; and we are always here to help you MAKE A POSITIVE MOVE…


Sheila and Shirleen

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The Brooks and Losee Team

The Brooks and Losee Team

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