London Ontario Really Is AMAZING!

This week we just want to take a step back and just reflect on how AMAZING London, Ontario really is. We couldn't believe that our very own London was chosen for the World Figure Skating Championships that were held earlier this month! But then again, is it really that big of a shock? We are an amazing city! There's always great events going on around the town, whether it's basketball games, hockey tournaments, concerts, charity events, or other activities. There's plenty of places to go and many activities to participate in throughout the year!

London is FILLED with stores to shop at! Malls are located in every major area. We have many stores for clothing, furniture, home decor, books, pets, groceries, music and more! Sometimes it's hard to even know where to start with all of the good stores to select from. Unique boutiques can be located more in the Downtown region. Also, the Covent Garden Market is located downtown. Be sure to stop by them and have a look when you visit!

London has a lot of great restaurants. There are many restaurants around the City of London that can meet any food craving. Italian, Chinese, and Mexican food can be found throughout the city. The night life of London can be amazing with the different restaurants in the Downtown region. Also, if you are looking for fast service you can always find a fast food place with a drive-thru if you are on the go. A London favourite is Tim Horton's. They have great coffee, snacks and hot food there. Also in the winter they have the Roll Up The Rim contest where you can win prizes. Has anybody won anything yet? We have won a few coffee's and donuts but nothing major so far this year. London's restaurants will keep you coming back for more, that's for sure!

Schools in London are very good whether it's public school, high school, college or university. Education is very important to people in London. We have many public schools around the city with excellent teachers. Fanshawe College is very large and has a variety of programs to choose from. The University of Western Ontario is also located in London. It has many students who are eager to learn and prepare for the working world ahead of them!

There are many activities to do in London. You could see a movie at one of our movie theatres, go hiking in a wooded area, enjoy some museum art, go skating in the winter time, walk in one of our beautiful parks, bowl with some friends, enjoy going down hill at Boler Mountain, and so much more! Hockey and Basketball games are regularly taking place around the city, whether they are big or small. Concerts are available to be seen throughout the year for many different artists. There are many places to go that are great for children, for example Storybook Gardens, East Park, and the Children's Museum. We were so happy to hear that the ISU World Figure Skating Championships were going to be held at Budweiser Gardens this year. Many went to the event to show their support and to have a good time. In September, London annually hosts the Western Fair. At this fair there are rides to go on, exhibits to see, animals to interact with, games to play and shows to see. There are so many people that come out and have a good time and it's great to see!

London has so many activities going on that it's hard to write about all of them! We just wanted to remind people of how amazing London really is. No wonder the World Figure Skating Championships chose to be held here this month. London is full of amazing people, and some have even gone onto stardom which has made London very proud. We love you London, you are amazing in every way!

- Lisa Muench & Gord Vandevooren

P.S. Click on the video below to really see how amazing London is! You have to watch it!!! Also, check out the pictures of London!

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