5 Tips for Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

There are very few routine chores you can do around the house this summer that will have a better pay off than simply giving your air-conditioner a check up. Not only will you improve the comfort level of your home all summer long and lower your utility bills; but maintaining your A/C system or unit annually will prolong the life of your air conditioner and safe you the unexpected cost of repairs.

  1. Check the Filter.
 Central air systems should have their filters changed at least every few months. But if you haven't done it regularly, make sure this is at the top of your list at the start of every cooling season. If you have a portable window unit, make sure that the filter is clean and in good condition. You should be able to remove the front grill and easily attend to the filter. If you live in a high construction or very dusty area, clean or replace the filter at least once every month.

  2. Clean the Vents.
 Experts recommend getting your air ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years to cut down on the accumulation of allergens in your home. A more routine cleaning might be necessary if your house is subject to excessive moisture, which can cause mold growth in the duct work if it’s not properly sealed and insulated. Inspecting your vents is also a good way to ensure that your system is free of vermin, mold and moisture, which may be precursors to a larger problem.

  1. Secure Your Outside Unit. The part of your A/C system that pulls air into the house must be kept uncovered to work properly. Make sure that there are no lawn chairs, bicycles, branches or other items sitting or leaning on your unit. Take the time to clear the mechanics of all debris and leaves to ensure that it will run most efficiently all summer long. To avoid vandalism or theft of parts, keep your A/C unit out of view with hedges or a fence, it will also provide shade for higher efficiency.

  2. Check Your Freon Levels.
 Air conditioning systems are sealed and should never leak so if the freon level is low in your equipment, it's an indication of a problem. You need to have a qualified HVAC technician repair the leak or else this will keep happening. When an A/C gets low on freon it is very normal for the indoor coil to freeze to a block of ice. Then when that ice melts you will get water leaking in the furnace and on the floor. Water will damage the furnace and just make your problems worse. It is important that you change your furnace filter every month if you use a standard 1" thick filter.

  3. Bring in the Experts.
 If you are uncomfortable handling these maintenance tasks, or suspect that your A/C system is compromised; set up an appointment to have a professional HVAC technician check it out, identify any repairs needed and calibrate your thermostat.

Take an hour or so now, while the days are still cool, to take care of your air conditioners before the weather gets too hot! Ensure that all the parts are in working order, up to date, clean and functional. Remember, proper A/C maintenance will keep you and your family comfortable, save you money and help keep your home as environmentally friendly as possible!

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