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How important is picking a colour? When it comes to picking one for your home, it is immensely important. Not many people realize this, and simply choose one plain colour or stick with their new home's original paint colour. When selling your home it is extremely important to make a great first impression with potential buyers and having just the right colour on the walls can make a big difference.  

The Significance of Colour

Ever wonder why you instantly feel uneasy the moment you walk into one room, but feel incredibly relaxed and comfortable upon stepping into another? That is the remarkable power of colour. Whether consciously or subconsciously, colour affects the way we feel about and in certain areas and affects our response to any room or object. Its effects are very subtle, but significant.

Aside from affecting our mood, colour is also a very important factor when it comes to selling houses. Some people prefer intense colours while others prefer neutral ones. For this reason, when selling a home, people in real estate usually leave walls bare or white so potential homeowners can better visualise their own colour preference on the walls.

With the home being the place where you relax and spend the most time in, it is definitely crucial to pick a colour for it that you absolutely love.

Choosing Your Own Colour
Despite what some may say, choosing a paint colour for your home is not as simple as picking your favourite colour. If you love the colour purple for instance, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good on your walls or with the lighting that you have in your house.

There are plenty of considerations you have to look into when choosing the right paint colour for your home, and here are some to help you get started:

• Look at the furniture and accessories in the room. Is there a rug with colours you absolutely love? An artwork with colours that simply take your breath away? Take your cue from these items and base your main wall colour or accent on one of the colours that ties the items in the room together.

• Think of the mood of the room. Do you want a room to be restful and calm? Then choose soft, cool and neutral colours. Do you want a room to be stimulating and dramatic? Then go for bright, bold colours. Do you want a room to be warm and inviting? Warmer colours should do the trick. Be careful not to pick colours that are too strong or intensely bright as these can be irritating or overstimulating.

• Take note of the lighting in your room. Daylight often brings out the truest colour, incandescent light draws out the warm tones and yellows of a colour while fluorescent light directs a sharp blue tone to colours. With this in mind, you can determine which colours will look best with your room’s current source of light.

• Follow the colour wheel. The colour wheel is a good reference for picking two or more colours that would go well together. Complementary colours (colours at the opposite ends of the colour wheel) appear more intense when used together and often liven up the look of any room. Using colours within one colour group or colours beside each other in the wheel gives a more subdued but still interesting look to a space.

• Test your colours. Once you’ve chosen a handful of colours for your room, test them on large areas of the wall and see which one really makes the best impression. Don’t be afraid to choose bolder, deeper or more vivid colours as these can add drama and character to a room.

• Try some texture. There are plenty of decorative finishes available that can add a lot of depth and character to walls and include several colours without making your walls look chaotic or overly done.

• Compare rooms. Even if the colour of one room differs from another, make sure that the colours flow from room to room and still tie the whole house together.

Be true to yourself and have fun. No matter which colours may be the most popular at the moment, you have to pick the ones you truly love because it’s your space and it should reflect who you are.

--Adapted from the article, "Choosing Paint Colours For your Home" by Jonathan Adams at

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