Energy Saving Tips


Did you know that there are some small things that you can do to save energy around your home?  For instance, when replacing hard to reach light bulbs, such as exterior porch lights, switch to energy-efficient compact florescent bulbs.  You won't have to change them for several years!  You can also use your window coverings to help warm or cool your home.  Many detergents today clean just as well using cold water.  Make your home more energy efficient through improved insulation, caulking and weather stripping.  The less energy you use, the less impact you have on the environment.  Finally install and use a programmable thermostat.  For every 1 degree you lower your thermostat, you can save 2% on your heating/cooling bill.  A reduction of 3 degrees celcius at night and when you are away during the day provides optimal savings and can reduce your Green House Gases by half a tonne.

Some things to think about!

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