Get Your Home Ready to Sell - Part II


It's time to start sprucing up the inside of your home, ensuring that every room is a welcome invitation to potential buyers. Will they be able to see their family around the dining room table? Will they be able to imagine cooking dinner in the kitchen and see their children playing in the backyard? In order for visitors to develop an emotional connection to your home and make the decision to buy it, they will need to be able to see past your belongings and style and imagine building a life in those rooms.

Start by walking through your home room by room paying attention to the condition and cleanliness of the space, linger in the doorway and imagine what it looks like to visitors.

Here are 10 tips to getting the inside of your home ready to sell! 

  1. Tidy up the Clutter. Put away all of your To-Do piles and anything that is just sitting around – simpler is better. Keep furniture to a minimum so rooms do not appear smaller.

  2. Clean the carpets and remove any stains. Wash all kitchen and bathroom floors and polish any hardwood.

  3. Repair any holes in the walls. Give every room a fresh coast of neutral paint, you may love the fuschia colour of the bathroom but chances are it's an acquired taste.

  4. Make sure there are no musty or damp odours anywhere in the house. If you have a pet, clean or remove the litterbox. Consider a dehumidifier and a light air freshener.

  5. Thin out the family photos, fridge magnets, artwork and figurines. Less collectables and memorabilia make it easier for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in the home.

  6. Clean kitchen appliances; including your oven, stove hood filter, countertops and backsplashes. Clean cabinets inside and out and repair dripping faucets.

  7. Change the filters in the furnace and have it cleaned, check dryer vents and floor vents for any build up or dirt.

  8. Ensure closets look spacious, organized and uncluttered. Create space by getting rid of old clothes and junk.

  9. In bathrooms, scrub sinks, tubs and toilets, taking care to remove any rust stains. Remove mildew from showers and bathtubs. Fix dripping faucets or trickling toilets, and vacuum your fan grill.

  10. Light a cookie flavoured candle before all open houses and showings, nothing says HOME like the smell of fresh baked cookies!

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