Give Your Small Space A Big Impact

Decorating a small interior definitely has its challenges, but no matter the size and with little know-how it's possible to create a space that feels grand. If you are unsure how to create drama in small quarters, here are a few big ideas that pack some punch.

* Area Rugs - A simple small rug is tempting, but anchor the space with something more visually interesting. Go for a coloured pattern that you love and make sure the rug is a proper fit to ground all of the furniture. If you go too small, the furniture will look out of place.

* Sofa - Finding the right scale furniture can be tricky, but consider one large sofa that accomodates all seating in one swoop. A slim, neutral coloured sectional or a customizable configuration will make your small room feel more airy. When it comes to furniture in a small spaces, less is more.

* Fireplace - Create a dramatic, but functional focal point. Electric fireplaces are plug -and-play and provide the flexibility of heating a room or simply adding ambiance with flame-only options. Look for a space-saving wall mount or statement mantel.The Opti-myst line by Dimplex offers both.

* Artwork - Scaling up artwork can be a really effective use of space. Use large art to create a single focal point that anchors the other items in the room. Make sure to select art that ties your colour scheme together and most importantly, reflects your personal style.

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The Hisey-McDermott Team

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