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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

With Christmas just a few days away, families everywhere are packing up for a vacation away. Whether you are travelling to a warmer climate to work on your tan, loading up the car with skiis and snowboards or simply heading out of town for a few days to spend the holiday with family, you want to be sure that your home is safe while you are gone. Nothing will ruin your vacation and kill your Christmas spirit, like receiving a call that your home has been broken into.

There are many simple ways to make sure your home is kept safe and provide you with the peace of mind you need this Christmas. Here are five tips to help secure and prepare your home before your winter getaway:

Save Energy: Automation of lighting, thermostats and small appliances may help control your energy costs. Unplugging small appliances like your microwave, PVR and coffeemaker will save energy and lessen the likelihood you will suffer a fire due to electrical shortage. Turning your heat down (no lower than 13°C) will prevent your water pipes from freezing while still saving you the cost of heating an empty home unnecessarily.

Phone A Friend: Make arrangements for one of your neighbours to pop by your house every other day just to check in. Ask them to bring in your mail, shovel your driveway if needed and water your plants. Even if onlookers realize that you are away, knowing that someone else is checking in on your home will deter troublemakers.

Stay Occupied: Place your newspaper subscription on hold and ask a friend or neighbor to retrieve your mail so the box does not appear to be unattended and overflowing. Leave a vehicle parked in the driveway or ask your neighbor to park their car in your driveway while you are away. Put light timers on both your indoor and outdoor light fixtures.

Home Security: It’s smart to invest in a home alarm system, today's most advanced home security and home automation systems do more than provide a simple intruder alert. You can control the alarm system, heating levels, lights and small appliances all from your smartphone or tablet. Real-time alerts are also sent to you via email or text message so you can know right away, if something happens to your home even if you are on vacation.

Lock It Up: One of the last things you should do before you leave your home is check that all windows, doors, gates and garage doors are properly locked before you leave. Remove any spare keys from obvious hiding spots like doormats or flowerpots. Secure valuables in a safe, lock box or safety deposit box.

Vacations should be a stress free time of relaxing and celebrating the holidays with your loved ones and knowing that your home is safe is the key to maximizing the opportunity. Taking some precautions now will ensure a happy homecoming when your vacation comes to a close.

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