Green Your Resolutions

Tips for a Greener New Year                  

It;s now that special time of year when resolutions are being made in almost every household. Most people are planning to get in shape, be more productive, have more fun, quit some bad habits, enjoy life to the fullest and make good financial decisions.This year why not resolve to make a few simple changes in your home that could have a positive impact on the earth and your bottom line?

To help you get started, here are 10 New Year's Resolutions to help put some Green back in your home:

1. Recycle Paint. When you get the itch to repaint a room in your home, instead of purchasing it from the local home improvement store, why not try the Habitat for Humanity ReStore? When you are done, set aside your leftover cans of paint until Spring, when the Paint & Stain Reuse Depot is open. Residents of Halton can pick up cans of paint & stain for free, or drop off their unused cans for others to use.The Depot is conveniently located beside the Household Hazardous Waste Depot at the Halton Waste Management Site, on Highway #25 in Milton.

2. Dress Fuzzier. Save on energy consumption and your electric bill by turning down your thermostat and throwing on your favorite fuzzy pajamas or warm slippers. Adding a light sweater or socks can do a lot to warm your body AND your wallet!

3. Give Electronics A Break. Turn off your screen saver and lower the brightness settings on computers to conserve battery power, put your laptop in sleep mode when not in use to cut even more energy. Turn off phones, iPods, iPads, DS games and any unnecessary appliances at night.

4. Start Composting. A compost pile or composter turns your food and lawn wastes into rich mulch. It's a great way to reduce your trash production, and if you start today, you'll have rich compost in time for spring planting.

5. Dump The Drip. Fix any faucets that are leaking in your home…don’t forget the laundry tub! A faucet that drips once each second can waste over 30 litres of water per day and more than 10,000 litres every year!

6. Change Your Filters. Replace the air filter in your car, which can improve your mileage by 10%. Replace the air filter in your furnace, it will ensure your family is breathing cleaner air, lessen the risk of house fire and lower your heating costs.

7. Green Your Clean. Clean your home with more non-toxic and natural cleaning products. You would be surprised how many things can be cleaned with white vinegar, baking soda and a few drops of lemon.

8. Save Trees. Use less paper. You can buy "tree-free" 100% post-consumer recycled paper for just about everything, from printer paper and greeting cards to paper towels and toilet paper. Paper with a high post-consumer waste content uses less virgin pulp and keeps more waste paper out of landfills.

9. Shop Around. Need furniture? Dishes? Clothes? Toys? Before you head to the mall or a Big Box store, do a quick search online to see if someone is selling what you need at a better price. There are a lot of sites like kijiji,, craigslist, and multitudes of swap pages on facebook. Purchasing used items, means lesser need for the manufacturing of new products, and keeps used items out of the garbage. Think of these 3 R’s…Re-use.Re-purpose.Re-sell!

10. Close The Gap. Make sure the seals around all your windows are intact, repair any breaches in the window sills, cover your windows from the inside with an inexpensive clear shrink film window kit. Every little bit of heat you can keep inside your house, is money in the bank and a small way to do your part this winter, to conserve energy and live a little more green.


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