Make a Summer Splash!!

Here are 10 tips to getting the most out of your summer while giving back to your community:


  1. Visit the Farmers Market – Just about every town, city and village in the area has a gathering of agricultural vendors. Skip the big box grocery store and stroll down the street while you buy fresh produce from people who live in your community too.

  2. Skip the Sprinkler – Why waste water at your house when you could go to the local pool or splash pad? Your kids will make friends and the water is already running which is better for your planet and your pocketbook. 

  3. Carpool – When planning a day trip this summer, plan to drive together. The ride will be so much more fun with a larger group of people and carpooling is much more eco-friendly. 

  4. Support the Arts – Want a night out on the town? Find out what concerts or theatre productions are happening in your area. There is no better way to support your local arts community than by patronizing their events. 

  5. Have a Garage Sale – Summer is a great time to clear out some clutter, meet your neighbours, make a little cash and keep excess trash out of the local landfill. Put up signs letting people know about it and consider dedicating the proceeds to a charity that is close to your heart. 

  6. Host a Book Swap – Invite your friends to a book exchange with everyone bringing 5 books to trade for 5 new books. Enjoy light refreshments, some relaxed conversation and end up with a few good summer reads. 

  7. Keep the Streets Clean – Challenge your family to a litter-duel while you are out walking through town, camping or visiting the beach. Who can pick up the most litter off the ground? Help make the community cleaner, teach your children about social responsibility and think of how many calories you’ll burn bending down to pick up the trash! 

  8. Conserve Water – Remember when it’s time to empty the pool, do it in the evening and use the H2O to water your garden. When the kids are using the sprinkler or water pistols make sure they remember to stay on the grass not the pavement. 

  9. Stay Active – It can be very easy in the blistering heat to lounge on the patio or hide out in the air conditioned house. This summer make sure you get out for evening walks or go biking to explore any trails around your town, don't forget to stop for ice cream on the way back. 

  10. Be Grateful - In about 6-7 months everyone will be complaining about how cold it is outside! Next time you are feeling down about the grateful for changes in our seasons and get out there and enjoy the beauty of Summer!

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