5 Principals/Rules to live by that will give you

 Personal Power

 I Like Myself - You need to truly like yourself for who you are as a person, what you stand for in terms of morality, friends and life in general. (Say this to yourself as often as you can each day… at least 20 times)

I Love Myself – Loving yourself is the basis for self confidence and self worth. You need to love yourself so that you feel worthy of what nice things that life brings to you and loving yourself gives you strength to deal with the challenges and obstacles that life set in front of you. You cannot truly give love or love someone else if you do not love yourself first. (Say this to yourself as often as you can each day… at least 20 times) You cannot give away something you do not possess! (Love)

I am responsible – I am responsible for the way that I react to any given situation. When you learn this principal you take control! You no longer give anyone else permission to make you ANYTHING! No one can MAKE you angry or sad or feel less worthy. You no longer will say things like you make me anger! When you do this you give away your power! You will develop a sense of calm when you use this rule!

No one is to Blame – Everyone does the best that they can! We are all flawed as human beings and we all do our best. Some do a very poor job but it is still their best. Best can be effected by our mental state of mind, education, experience, sickness, etc., etc.. When you use this rule you will find yourself more tolerant and more controlled. When you understand that people all do the best that they can at the time, we are less apt to blame people for things and this allows us to be more empathetic and sympathetic.

Forgiveness is a selfish act – Giving someone forgiveness for their actions is NOT for them but RATHER it is for US! When we truly give forgiveness to someone (In our mind) we can then get rid of the feelings that came with us feeling bitter, hurt or resentful of them for what they had done. When we forgive we no longer have to relive those negative feelings because we have set ourselves free of them. This is an incredible gift of power that we give ourselves when we use this rule.

These 5 rules can be applied to almost all of our life experiences each and every day! When we feel out of control or when emotions flood our mind that gives us a sense of powerless…. We walk the scenario through each of the 5 rules… It takes lots of practice and you never will get it 100% of the time, but it sure helps most of the time.

 Affirmations – What are they?

Think of your mind (your subconscious) as being a huge empty pot of nothing when you are born. We have no thought, no good or bad experiences in the pot. As we begin to live this pot gets filled with STUFF! Some good and some Bad! It starts with our parents and siblings and friends offering input, then our teachers, strangers, news, life experiences and our own self talk. Over time we end up with a pot full of stuff. When we talk to ourselves (WE ALL DO) our sub conscious goes into the pot to look for feedback to give ourselves. If the pot is full of negative and bad thoughts, then that is all that it can feed back to us. If the pot is full of more positive, supportive, nurturing, encouraging stuff then that is what we get for feedback. THE KEY: It is our responsibility to fill up our minds with good stuff if we want to get good feedback. EXAMPLE: If you continue to tell yourself that you are a screw up, a loser, etc.. Guess what? You will continue to support and live that belief! If you continue to tell yourself that you like yourself, that you love yourself, that you are worthy of wonderful things and that you can do anything that you put your mind to do… Guess what? You will begin to live and experience those beliefs in your life. Not all the time… but more often… that is life.

INTERESTING THOUGHT: Quantum physics experts actually believe that we can change our destiny by changing what we think and feel. The belief is that we are not truly solids as human beings. We are only energy. Even neutrons and protons have space in between them. That like attracts lie… if we are negative we will be drawn to negative people due to the energy and the same for positive attracts positive. Give away good positive supportive loving energy and that is what you will get back.

For Fun…         

If we are no more than particles and waves, we can truly effect and be affected by our surroundings, by positive and negative attitudes and more! Food for thought!

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