Protect Your Home From Fire

House fires are one of the most common causes of property loss and homelessness in many parts of the world. Although easily prevented and easily remedied, left unchecked, a fire in your home can cause devastating damage to both property and people alike - costing homeowners thousands of dollars in damage costs and repairs. However, keeping one's home fire safe only takes a few simple steps.

The most common cause of fires is unknown gas leaks. To prevent the catastrophic damage that can result from ignited gas-leak fires, always be sure that the gas is turned off when not in use. Keeping a fire extinguisher ready in several areas of the home can remedy small fires before they become larger. Keeping furniture away from direct heat sources, such as heaters and radiators, is yet another small, but useful way to keep households safe from the possibility of fire.

If candles or incense are an important part of your home decor or religious beliefs; providing adequate ventilation and a safe place to light such materials will drastically reduce the risk of house fire. Keeping flammable liquids in a secure location away from heat and flame is yet another way of keeping your home safe.

Electrical equipment and household wiring should be given a routine maintenance check-up every few months to ensure that no faulty wires, breakers, fuses, or any other electrical component will pose a risk. Lastly, because most fires are inextinguishable by mere water alone, always keeping extinguishers on hand in major parts of the house (such as the kitchen and the basement) will ensure that fires can readily be controlled, if a need should ever arise.

It is imperative to install smoke alarms and fire-detectors on all levels of your home. Learning the proper usage of a fire extinguisher, as well as its varying types, is a must for every family member.

In a worst-case scenario, having a ready fire escape plan can be a lifesaver. Devising an escape route and conducting emergency drills with the family will make escape (if and when it is needed) easier and less confusing.

Protecting a home from fire is always a better option than having to take escape measures, but put your family fire safe plan together with careful planning and exercise constant vigilance to keep your home and family safe from the risk of fire.

- adapted from an article at, "How Can I Protect My Home From Fire?" by Darren Drogan

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